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What's Next?

What happens next?

Winning solutions will be announced on Thursday at 11:00 CET during an #EUvsVirus online award ceremony aired here. There will be 117 winners in total - one winner for each domain (6) and challenge (37), as well as two runners up for each challenge. Cash prizes donated by partners will be offered to select winners (currently 110k in total).

#EUvsVirus Matchathon - 22 to 25 May

During the two weeks after the award ceremony, the financing and resource needs of the winning teams to develop and scale their ideas, as well as the financing and resources that partners are willing to dedicate, will be collated. From 22 to 25 May, a Matchathon event will take place to match the needs with available resources. Winning solutions have been invited to join an EIC COVID Platform to facilitate connections with end users, such as hospitals, and provide access to investors, foundations and other funding opportunities from across the EU.

EIC COVID Platform

The EIC COVID Platform – to be launched at the end of May - will be a European-level community platform to connect winning teams and companies with innovative solutions with those in need of such solutions, such as public authorities, hospitals, public bodies, foundations, as well as investors. To facilitate this, there will be a marketplace mechanism to match between the potential solutions, the needs, and where relevant, investors and funders.